International Mother Language Day

Today the whole world celebrates International Mother Language Day on this day. Every year it is marked on February 21. Everyone on this day points out differences in the cultures and languages and promotes linguistic diversity on this every year.

In 1999, it was approved by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in the conference and after approval this day later in 2000 it was observed across the globe.

International Mother Language Day

This year the United State declared for this day the theme should be “Using technology for multilingual learning: challenges and opportunities”.

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India and many other ministers wish for the International Mother Language Day 2022.

On this day In Bangladesh, where thousands of people are fighting and sacrificing their lives for the acceptance of Bangla and Bengali language to mark it as the official language and at that time it was the part of Pakistan.

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Globally there are many people who don’t know about this language and in the education sector it was not accessible to speak and write this language. Around 40% don’t know about this language.

The United States said that if we are adding this language people can know more about this language and it will progress in growing understanding and it will be important slowly.

International Mother Language Day

On this day we celebrated World Mother Language Day. Education is the mother tongue of every child. As well as 19,500 languages are spoken as the Mother Tongue in India and 121 languages are there which is spoke by 10,000 people in India. We wish You A Happy International Mother Language Day 2022.

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