Vishu 2022

Vishu 2022: Malayali New Year- History, Significance & Blast

It is just that season of the Vishu 2022 year again when towns around the country welcome the new year ...
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2022 Ugadi panchangam

2022 Ugadi Panchangam:Lets Celebrate The Creation Of Mankind

Annually, 2022 Ugadi Panchangam is observed to honor the start of the Telugu calendar's New Year. As a result, it ...
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China Plane Crash

No survivors found From China Plane Crash all 132 onboard

Chinese plane crash Live Updates: According to official media accounts, a China Plane Crash Eastern Airlines Boeing 737 flight from ...
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world Forest day

Let’s Celebrate the World Forest Day 2022&Sustainable Future

Every year on March 21 since 2012, it was celebrated world Forest day. The main Moto is that acknowledgment in ...
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Rosa Bonheur Paintings

Famous French Painter Rosa Bonheur Paintings an Animal lover

Today Google Doodle is celebrated on day March 16 as the most famous French Painter Rosa Bonheur Paintings with a ...
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Holi 2022

Holi 2022: Let’s Celebrates Festival of Colours With Joyful

Holi 2022, the festival of colors, takes place on March 18th and has a long history in Hindu celebrations. It's ...
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National Science Day

National Science Day: Towards Sustainable Future in Science

In India, February 28 is National Science Day (NSD). The 'Raman Effect,' which earned Sir C.V. Raman the Nobel Prize, ...
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Ukraine vs Russia

Ukraine vs Russia: what shall happen next for Ukraine?

The war will start from Wednesday night. Ukraine vs Russia war has started and today morning February 24 the Russia ...
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International Mother Language Day

International Mother Language Day: Need To Know All

Today the whole world celebrates International Mother Language Day on this day. Every year it is marked on February 21. Everyone on ...
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Bappi Lahiri

Why “KING OF DISCO”- Bappi Lahiri Said Us Good Bye

Bappi Lahiri: A disco superstar in Bollywood, Bappi Lahiri died in a Mumbai hospital on Tuesday night after suffering from ...
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