Merry Christmas Day 2021

Merry Christmas Day 2021: December month is always special for everyone irrespective of religion and countries. Winter season comes along with festive vibes. Though it is cool and freezing climate in some countries but, the people still there enjoys the month of Christmas with Christmas tree, Santa Claus gifts, Jingle bells sound and many more. For the past couple of years people haven’t celebrated the Christmas festival because of pandemic all over the world. However, the things are changing slowly.

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People slowly started to get back into their normal lives with a positive hope. Everyone is preparing to welcome 2022 with lot of new hopes and positive thoughts. Here in this article let us know a few things about Christmas day.



Christmas is a festival celebrated on the birth occasion of Jesus Christ. According to the Christian religion, he is the son of God. Christmas is joint of two words “Christ” and “mass”, Mass celebrates. These two words together make the meaning of celebrating Christ birthday.

Christmas story:

There is a holiday Tale on Christmas written by English author Charles Dickens. The story started in the early 1800s. There is a family where the children in that family become less discipline and more emotional towards needs. Christmas provides families a day where they could Lavish attention and give children gifts without spoiling them. Americans embrace Christmas as a perfect holiday to spend quality time with family.


Christmas tree plays a significant role in the celebration of Christmas. Generally Christmas tree is referred as an evergreen conifer. Generally, Fir, Pine or spruce trees are used as Christmas trees. If these trees are not available imitation tree of similar appearance are also used in celebrating Christmas.

Cristmas Tree Vastu Tips


For Christians Christmas tree is like a symbol of birth and Anastasias of Jesus Christ. The branches and shrubs of Christmas tree referred to immortality of Jesus and also symbolises the crown thorns worn by the Jesus.


  • Every decor item used in decorating of Christmas tree has its own significance.
  • People believe that the star that used on the top of Christmas tree guide them towards Christ. Some people also decorate the top with Angle who announced the birth of Christ.
  • The bells hanged on the side of the Christmas tree represent the Joy and happiness of the special day these Jingle bells makes jingle sound.
  • The Shepherd cook made with Candy Cane refers to god’s Shepherd.
  • Flowers that hanged on all sides refer to pure love.
  • These days Christmas tree is also decorating with lights, Merry Christmas 2021 greeting cards etc.
  • People also believe that Christmas tree will remove negative energy from home.
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How is Christmas day celebrated?

Everyone who celebrates Christmas day has their own way of celebrating. Commonly a person who celebrates Christmas day goes to church on that day and does prayers. They decorate their houses with lights and make a Christmas tree. They wish each other Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas means wishing someone happiness on the day of Christmas.

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People invite their friends and relative to their houses for lunch. Children get gifts from their parents on the Christmas day. Due to pandemic for the past couple of years no one celebrated Christmas properly. But everyone is thinking to celebrate Christmas 2021 and welcome New Year on a positive note.


Christmas is incomplete without gifts. Presenting gifts to their loved ones on the day of Christmas is like a symbol of love. One of the important reasons behind the custom of giving and taking gifts is to remind the three precious gifts Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh given by Christ to his people.

Merry Christmas day 2021

  • Frankincense is used in Churches to worship Jesus.
  • Myrrh is a kind of perfume used on dead bodies to make them smell nice.
  • Gold is basically used by kings and Christians believe that Jesus is the king of all kings.
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Santa Claus is the most favourite person for children. They believe that on the day of Christmas Santa will give those presents. These gifts fill joy and happiness in their hearts on that day. Santa Claus is also known as Father Christmas. He is also called as Kris Kringle, Saint Nick, and Saint Nicholas or called as Santa. Santa is originated in Eastern Christmas culture.

Santa gifts children on the Christmas Eve with toys or sweets or coal depending on the nature of child. It is said that Santa gets this gift from Christmas elves that lives in North Pole and makes toys. He fly’s in air with the help of rain deer who pulls his sleigh through the air.

Wishing everyone Merry Christmas 2021.

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